What BAND V2 wearers should know

Click here for a printable one-pager to help BAND V2 end-users.

What is a BAND V2?

The BAND V2 prevents heat stress and overexertion iniuries. It is a wearable that measures core body temperature as well as other exertional limit values. It will alert when exertional thresholds have been surpassed and if enabled and available, send your location via GPS.

How to Use the Device

Simply place the wearable on your upper arm so that the sensor is directly touching skin and tighten the elastic strap so that it is comfortable but not loose. Try to avoid placing the sensor over tattoos, if possible.

What do the Vibrations Mean?

Number of Vibrations Meaning
1 Time The BAND V2 is being worn
3 Times You have triggered a low-severity alert
4 Times You have triggered a high-severity alert
2 Times You are clear to return-to-work

What Do the LED Colors Mean?

🟦 Blue: charging

🟪 Magenta: fully charged

🟧 Orange: on-body

🟨 Yellow: low-severity alert triggered

🟥 Red: high alert triggered

🟩 Green: clear to return-to-work

No Movement Alert (if enabled):

If your BAND V2 does not register any movement for a long period of time, it will trigger a No Movement Alert. Before the alert is triggered, there will be a warning vibration 30 seconds and 10 seconds before.

TapAlert (if enabled):

While wearing a BAND V2, you can trigger an SOS alert by using the palm of your hand to double-tap the face of the BAND V2 holding your hand against it for 3 seconds.

How to login?

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