What is a No Movement Alert?

What is a No Movement Alert?

A No Movement Alert Notification

The No Movement Alert feature enables an alert to trigger from a BAND V2 whenever its wearer does not move for a configurable period of time. If the BAND V2 has connection to the cloud either via cellular network or GATEWAY V2, then Alert Contacts specified on the Organization page can also receive a notification via email or text message.

Instructions to Enable No Movement Alerts

No Movement Alerts can be enabled or disabled for each Loadout on the Organization page. The option to enable No Movement Alerts is located under the Features section of the Loadout. Below is an example of a Loadout with No Movement Alert enabled and configured to trigger after 3 minutes of no movement.

No Movement Warnings

Before a No Movement Alert is triggered, there are warning vibrations that occur at 30 seconds prior to alert and at 10 seconds prior to alert. The wearer can prevent an alert from triggering by moving their arm after receiving either warning. No Movement Warnings inform the wearer with a long, single pulse of vibration.

No Movement Alert Cooldown

Once triggered, No Movement Alerts will not trigger again for a wearer until the wearer moves.

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