Why am I not seeing data?

Here is a checklist to help diagnose why no data is appearing on your Live Page

1. Confirm that the SlateSafety BAND V2 is on.

When a BAND is on and being worn, you will see two rapidly blinking green LEDs on the bottom of the device. If a BAND does not appear to be on, then it is likely out of battery and needs to be charged. Once connected to a charger, the BAND will emit blue lights to indicate charging or magenta lights to indicate fully charged.

2. Confirm that the BAND is within range of cellular signal or a SlateSafety GATEWAY V2.

In order to transmit data to the Live Page, the BAND must have signal to the cloud. This can either be accomplished directly via a cellular network or indirectly via a GATEWAY that is connected to the cloud. If you are having connection issues, please contact us using the instructions below.

Note: Occassionally, BANDs will take several minutes to connect to cellular if they have been offline for a while.

3. Reboot the BAND.

If you are in good cellular range and still not seeing connection, then a simple BAND reboot may help the BAND achieve cellular connection. To get a BAND to reboot, connect it to a charger and then remove it from the charger five times within five seconds. If rebooted successfully, you will see the BAND's LEDs turn off for several seconds after being connected to the charger for the fifth time. After rebooting, the BAND may connect immediately.

If the above steps do not help diagnose the issue, please contact SlateSafety via the chat on this page.

Note: Even if the BAND is disconnected, it will still continue to record data.

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