Why is my data grayed out?

Gray data is a result of a weak heart rate signal strength which can result from a device that may not have proper contact with the skin. Prior to a data collection, the device may not have been properly fitted initially or it may have become dislodged during activities. 

The presence of a weak heart rate signal strength can be identified on the Live Page.

Live Page

When viewing from the Live page the user info cards will change color depending on the users biometric information and the predetermined intensity levels. The intensity level zones are green, yellow and red. When a poor heart rate signal is present the user info card will become gray.

When a heart rate signal is poor, data will not be properly collected from the user wearing the device. Clicking on a user card will reveal gaps in data, represented by missing or gray dots and lines. 

Missing data resulting from poor heart signal strength

Data consistent with good heart signal strength. One or two gray data points every now and then are normal and will not interfere with the system as long as the majority of data is not gray.

A poor heart signal strength can be seen in the Chart view as well as the Map view. 

Gray worker info card in Map view on Live page

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