BEACON V2: Everything you need to know about Alert and Return-To-Work Notifications

BEACON V2s can alert on eWBGT, air temp, humidity, humidex, and heat index data.

BEACON V2 Alerts

An example notification of an estimated WBGT alert from a BEACON V2

What are BEACON V2 Alerts?

A BEACON V2 alert is used to indicate when a BEACON V2's measurements exceed an Alert Threshold. Many organizations use Alerts to determine if employees in an area are at risk of overexertion or should reduce workload.

How to Set and Trigger BEACON V2 Alert Thresholds

In order to understand Alert Notifications, you must first know how Alert Thresholds are set. Alert Thresholds are set for each BEACON V2. By default, all BEACON V2s have no Alert Thresholds, but this can be edited by your organization's Admins by clicking Organization > Beacons > Edit.

Beacons Table on the Organization Page
Beacon Alert Thresholds Table

In the example above, there are two Alert Thresholds set.

  • The first Alert Threshold in the table is Low Severity and will trigger when the BEACON V2 exceeds an eWBGT measurement greater than 75°F. 
  • The second Alert Threshold is High Severity and will trigger when the BEACON V2 exceeds a heat index measurement greater than 80°F. 

Note: SlateSafety is not recommending the use of these specific Alert Thresholds.


BEACON V2 Alert Thresholds can be tagged as either "High Severity" or "Low Severity".

Return-To-Work Thresholds are explained in detail later in this article, but they can be used to determine when the risk captured by a previous alert has been mitigated.

Who Receives BEACON V2 Alert Notifications and How?

Notification Contacts receive notifications via email or text message.

Notification Contacts

Notification Contacts are set in the Notification Contacts table, which is on the Organization page. As seen below, Notification Contacts can be configured to only receive certain types of Notifications such as "High Severity Alerts" or receive Notifications from certain BEACON V2s.

Notification Contacts Table

Alert Cooldowns

Once triggered, Alert Thresholds will not trigger again for a BEACON V2 until the BEACON V2 triggers a Return-To-Work or 16 hours have passed.

Return-To-Works will only trigger once after one or more BEACON V2 Alert Thresholds have triggered.


Return-To-Work Notification received after a High Severity Alert

What are Return-To-Works?

After a BEACON V2 Alert Threshold has triggered, a Return-To-Work Notification is used to indicate when the BEACON V2 is back below certain thresholds. Many organizations use Return-To-Works to determine if additional heat stress protocols can be stopped because the risk has dissipated.

How to Set and Trigger BEACON V2 Return-To-Work Thresholds

Similar to Alert Thresholds, Return-To-Work Thresholds are set for each BEACON V2 on the Organization Page > Beacons Table. An example table is shown below.

For a Return-To-Work Notification to trigger, the BEACON V2 must:

  1. Have at least one Return-To-Work Threshold configured their settings.
  2. Have recently triggered an Alert.
  3. Meet the criteria for ALL Return-To-Work Thresholds. Looking at the example table above, the BEACON V2 must satisfy BOTH a Heat Index less than 80.0°F AND an eWBGT less than 75.0°F. Both of these Thresholds must be met simultaneously.

Note: SlateSafety is not recommending the use of these specific Return-To-Work Thresholds.

Who Receives BEACON V2 Return-To-Work Notifications and How?

Just like with Alert Notifications, Notification Contacts receive emails or text messages to their mobile devices whenever a Return-To-Work is triggered.

BEACON V2 Return-To-Work Cooldowns

Once triggered, a Return-To-Work will not trigger again for a BEACON V2 until the BEACON V2 triggers another Alert Threshold and satisfies all Return-To-Work Thresholds again.

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