1) Device Charging Railing

2) Charging Rail Power Supply

3) BioTrac Gateway

4) Gateway GPS Antenna

5) Additional Storage

6) Instruction Pamphlet

7) Additional Storage

8) Charging Rail Legs

9) Gateway Antenna

10) BioTrac Devices

11) Gateway Power Supply

  • Typical kit contents include the items below.
  • Note: Actual contents received may vary depending on setup or type of kit requested.

  • Devices will arrive discharged. Before getting started with the system, all devices must be recharged.
  • Remove the charging rail and legs from the kit and insert each leg into the charging rail.
  • Then plug the charging rail power supply into the rail and the wall outlet (If multiple charging rails present use cable splitter to power from the power supply).
  • Place the devices on the charging rail.
  • The indicator light on the devices will be blue when charging and purple when charging is completed. When not using the devices place back on the charging rail to charge.

  • The gateway is the entry point for the data that is sent from the devices. The gateway contains a cellular module that transmits biometric data to the FireHUD web application.
  • Place the gateway on an elevated surface near a wall outlet that is also close to the area that devices will be used.
  • The two antennas need to be plugged in. The round antenna screws into the ‘RF’ port on the back of the gateway. The flat paddle antenna screws in the ‘cell’ port. The gateway power supply should be plugged into the wall and into the gateway. The nut on the plug to the gateway should be screwed in to ensure a good connection.
  • After the gateway is powered, it will take 2-3 minutes to boot. Once booted and ready for operations, the status light on the front of the device will begin blinking.

  • You should also receive a welcome email from the SlateSafety team. If you do not receive a welcome email you can reach out to support@slatesafety.com
  • Before using the system, ensure that all users have been associated to devices in the kit. Devices should then be distributed to users.
  • For proper function, the BioTrac Device should be worn on the upper arm, in the area between the bicep and triceps. The elastic strap should be adjusted for a snug fit. Also, it is best to keep the device away from tattooed areas of the arm to ensure accurate measurement.