Admins and group leaders have privileged access to manage the organization and its groups.

Permissions Table

Admins have the ability to manage all aspects of the organization, from creating users and groups to assigning group leaders to manage those groups. Admins can create alerts thresholds and decide who should receive them.

Group leaders act as supervisors for their assigned groups. They have no access to users or data outside their groups, but they can monitor the dashboard for their groups and receive alerts.

Users are the majority of accounts. If an admin or group leader specifies an email when creating a new user, that user has the ability to login, edit their own profile, and view their own data.

AdminsGroup LeadersUsers
Login✔️✔️only if they are created with an email
View own data✔️✔️only if they are created with an email
Edit own profile✔️✔️only if they are created with an email
View other users and their data✔️only for assigned groups 
Edit other user's profiles✔️only for assigned groups 
Assign Bands✔️only for assigned groups 
Create/archive users✔️only for assigned groups 
Add an existing user to a group✔️  
Create/archive groups✔️  
Promote/demote other users to admin, group leader, or user✔️  
Add/remove alerts and alert contacts✔️