How do I download data?

How do I download data?

Organization admins can create CSV and Excel exports of their data. These reports can be used for a variety reasons including data science applications, business intelligence, and datasets for teaching classes.

Exports are accessible from the Exports Page. Its important to note that only admins will see this link and be able to use the feature.

The Exports page. Currently empty with no exports created.

Generating the Export

Once on the Exports Page, click 'New Export' to bring up the following form.

Create Export form

Complete the desired fields and click 'Submit' to generate the export.

Downloading the Data

Once the export is generated it will be available for download. Click the 'Download' button to download and view the exported data.

Who can view these exports?

The only person that will be able to view an export is the person that generated that export. For example if an organization has two admins, only these two admins will be able to generate exports. Furthermore, if a export is generated by Admin 1, Admin 2 will not have the ability to view that export.

How long are these exports available?

Exports can be manually deleted by clicking the corresponding 'Delete' button. If an export has not been manually deleted, it will automatically delete after 14 days. An export can always be regenerated following the instructions above.

What timezone is displayed in the generated exports?

In order to provide the maximum amount of flexibility the data generated from the exports tab is reported in UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time. Conversion to you desired timezone is required in the CSV or XLSX downloaded document. For timezone conversions read: How do I convert data in my downloaded export?

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